Conflict in Liverpool

Conflict in Liverpool

Report on Saturday’s Christian Witness in Liverpool, 27th July 2018

by Pastor David Carson

There seems to be a concerted plan taking shape whereby a large group of militant homosexuals gather in front of the Christian witness and play very loud music, accompanied by manic dancers, in order to try and drown out the Gospel preaching. We first encountered this in London this year and the same format was evident in Liverpool. As soon as the Christian witness was set up, suddenly, a hostile crowd gathered and began their attempt to drown out the preaching, even before it began.

The police were taken by surprise but soon more arrived on the scene and lined up in front of us and kept the more aggressive types under control. The police contacted the parade organisers and asked them to remove their followers but they refused to do so. This rather confirms our suspicions that this is a new tactic.

In spite of all the noise the preaching continued and was heard thanks to a powerful public address system.. The usual accusations of homophobe was flung at us. It was pointed out that the police were there, not to protect them from the Christians but to protect the Christians from attack by the LGBT supporters. It was further pointed out that their hatred of the Word of God was evidenced by their desperate attempts to nullify the the proclamation of the Gospel of Salvation.

It was very difficult to engage in person to person conversations because of the volume of noise and the unwillingness to listen. Nevertheless, it was observed that some were listening, including passers by.

The parade itself was four times bigger than last year and included a large police contingent in full uniform. As has been noted, the participants are mostly young, young girls being very prominent in their vociferousness.

As I have often remarked, the saddest part of all this is the absence of Christians. While, thankfully, there were a number of individuals from Liverpool congregations present there were none from those who boast of their Protestant credentials. They garnish the tombs of the Reformers but they are as silent as the Reformers now are. Indeed, they are more silent, for the Reformers, though dead yet speak to us across the generations.

We are thankful to God for His keeping us safe and the privilege we have of being ambassadors for Christ in this crooked and perverse generation.