London Gay Pride Witness 2015

London Gay Pride Witness 2015

Sodom’s Victory Parade

On Saturday, June 27th, the ‘Pride of Sodom’, in a massive show of strength, paraded for over three hours through the streets of London. The ‘Christian Army’ witnessing against this abomination was a massive twenty! All I can say is that the Laodicean malaise has all but taken over Evangelicalism.

Here was the most massive display of strength by New Sodom and here was displayed, by their absence, the most massive show of indifference, apathy and cowardice by those who name the name of Christ.

Those Christians who were there experienced what the defenders of Rorke’s Drift must have felt as the massed ranks of the Zulus attacked. From the moment we set up our banners at noon until we packed up at 16:45 we were under a sustained and vicious verbal onslaught, and sometimes physical. I, and others there, have long experience in witnessing in all sorts of situations but we never experienced anything like this. But we held our ground without flinching for a moment and, by the grace of God, kept on witnessing by preaching and by way of person to person witness for nearly five hours.

A Scotsman in a kilt became very aggressive. He grabbed the mike on two occasions and tipped me off the pulpit near the end. The police pulled him away each time but he should have been arrested. As we were leaving he said that if we were there next year he would bring a can of petrol and burn us and then dance on the ashes. Such is the hatred of those who are always demanding equality.

When asked what his name was he replied “Jesus, the name that we all hate”. He was expressing what the real heart of New Sodom is really like. There were those who danced in front of us as if devil possessed, screaming as they did so, Yet, we were conscious that there were people praying for us because on a number of occasions when the shouting and screaming rose to a crescendo and it looked like an all out assault was pending they drew back and quietened down somewhat.

We lost the use of our loudspeaker equipment because the Scotsman complained to the police who said that we needed a licence from Westminster City Council. However, this meant more person to person witnessing took place than would have otherwise been the case.

There were some supposed Christians there who were supporting the sodomites. They were continually speaking of the love of God as if He had no other attributes. This emphasis is the same as that of the Neo-Evangelicals epitomised by the Alpha Course. There were many opportunities to point out what the Scriptures had to say about the wrath, holiness and justice of God and the fact that Christ had to die an atoning death before the saving grace of God could be made manifest. Many truths of the Word of God were declared to those so obviously gripped by Satan. It is our prayer that He will be gracious to some.

Most of those who were engaged with confronting the Christians were among the thousands who were there to support those parading their shame. The parade itself began to pass us at 14:00 hrs. and when we drove away at 17:10 they were still streaming past.

At the front of the parade were the flags of nations who have legalised sodomy and, I think, same-sex marriage. Pride of place was given to the Irish flag and the Stars and Stripes. They were exulting over the the result of the Irish referendum and the Supreme Court decision legalising same-sex marriage in the United States.

In the parade, apart from the usual participants, was a group campaigning for same-sex marriage in Ulster and a small contingent from UKIP. To be fair, the UKIP contingent were there of their own accord. According to an article in a national newspaper by Peter Tatchell, they were nearly banned from taking part because UKIP has not backed Gay Marriage. In fact other participants were threatening to attack them if they were allowed in the parade. Perhaps it was decided that they could make more mischief for UKIP by allowing them to participate. The point is that their participation was not sanctioned by UKIP. With the way the law stands no political party could refuse them membership.

As we returned home we rejoiced that we were unscathed and that we had so many opportunities in the middle of all the uproar to bear witness to the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We were also thankful for the half dozen or so Christians who expressed their appreciation for our being there. One young lady from Africa was praying for us.

What a joy it was to see the elderly ladies, as well as the men, standing firm, holding the Scripture banners aloft and engaging with the enemy using the Sword of the Spirit! Those who will not contend should hang their heads in shame. May it please God to call young men and women to the colours to replace these doughty warriors.