Manchester Gay Pride Witness 2015

Manchester Gay Pride Witness 2015

Fierce Opposition in Manchester

The annual Manchester Gay Pride parade took place on Saturday, August 29th and, as usual, a small group of Christians were there to proclaim the Gospel and display appropriate Biblical texts. displaying what God declares in His word what He thinks of such behaviour.

In spite of the promise of police protection, because of the lack of such last year, the police were nowhere to be seen in the immediate vicinity.

The individual who has vehemently opposed us for the past two years was there from the beginning even though the witness took place in an entirely different location because of roadworks.  This means that he must have been informed by the police as to our location.

He had brought along a klaxon, a bag full of whistles to give to others and a hand held loudspeaker through which he hurled a constant stream of abuse at the speakers.  This went on without intermission for over two hours.  The police, who were quite a distance away, refused to intervene, saying that he had every right to do what he was doing.

Because we had two loudspeakers we were able to keep going alternately which meant that he had to walk up and down from one to the other.  Nevertheless, the preaching continued and those handing out Gospel tracts were able to do so unhindered.

The parade itself was as big as ever and took two hours to pass.  Unlike other venues, they seem to have plenty of firms who allow their vehicles to be used as floats in the procession.

As is usual in Manchester, there was a huge number of police in the parade displaying the rainbow colours on their uniforms,  They all had whistles which they blew lustily as they passed the witness.  There was also a police band which deliberately stopped in front of us playing at full blast for several minutes.  As is also usual on such occasions, the fire engines and ambulances set off their sirens as they approached where we were standing.

Not only was the parade massive but there were massive crowds supporting them.  Many of those blowing whistles were well dressed middle class types.  Manchester seems, like Sodom, to be given over to this evil.  But not quite!  The voice of truth was still heard, much to the chagrin of the evildoers.  In addition, a woman, who was obviously a Christian, expressed her appreciation for our being there.

Towards the end a young man on a bicycle approached who informed us that he had become a Christian eight months ago.  He immediately joined in the witness and was still there when we left.  Our prayer is that such as he will be raised up to take our place.

In spite of the opposition, which we expect, we were so glad that we were able to be there and uplift our voices and banners in the face of the enemy.  We are thankful to God that He kept us safe from every danger that threatened us and to know that God’s Word will not return void either in blessing or condemnation.

The leader of Manchester City Council, Pat Kearney, has stated that he wants all open air preachers to refrain from speaking about moral issues..  This, and what Roland Parsons has written about Gloucester Council wishing to censor his tracts, may become a pattern all over the country.

Meanwhile, Cheshire Police have signed up to a Stonewall campaign called “No Bystanders”.  This, supposedly, is to stand up against all forms of bullying be it related to gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability, age, weight or any other differences.  While all bullying is to be deplored, the real reason behind all this is that none dare challenge the homosexual lobby. The fact is that Stonewall and Co are the biggest bullies in the world as they seek to impose their agenda upon all and sundry. As I have constantly warned, there will be no hiding place from Stonewall and their cohorts.

One of those witnessing at London Gay Pride informed me of a conversation she had with a Spanish women who, as they parted said, “We would kill you if the police weren’t here”.  Who is on the Lord’s side. Who!