New Sodom Celebrates Fifty Years Of Triumph

New Sodom Celebrates Fifty Years Of Triumph

The onward march of New Sodom continues apace. Since the riots outside a bar, called Stonewall, in New York, following a police raid, the homosexual movement has made unbelievable strides. Practically every citadel has fallen and the Church, which should have been at the fore front of the battle is, for the most part, no where to be seen. Instead of joining up to fight against this most vicious and dangerous of enemies, it has largely gone AWOL. A great many of God’s people simply refuse to face up to the evil that is sweeping our land making pathetic excuses, such as “not casting our pearls before swine” or “Christians shouldn’t be subjecting themselves to such sights”

As usual, there was a small band of warriors, thirty in all, who gathered in London to uplift the Banner of Truth in the face of the enemy and to clearly proclaim what the Bible has to say about such events and the only remedy for sin.

Once again, those opposing us were mostly young and mostly girls. They stood in front of the barriers screaming their abuse, chanting “God is dead” and “God is Gay”. However, undaunted, the Word of God was proclaimed in the face of the enemy for four hours non stop. There were no snowflakes in this outfit.

Two folk had their banners taken. One was destroyed and the other, carried by a woman in her eighties, was snatched from her grasp and thrown over a wall. Such ladies as her put the cowardly men to shame.

For a number of years a group of vicars wearing tops with the slogan “Christians at Pride” emblazoned on the back, stood in front of us. They were told in no uncertain terms what the Bible had to say about false prophets and their dupes were warned that they would take them down to Hell with them.

In spite of the uproar and screaming, many conversations were had and some useful interaction between them and those witnessing took place. It was noticeable that during the preaching some fell silent and were listening with downcast eyes. May it please God to being them to their knees.

Apparently throughout London there were banners at underground stations emblazoned with the slogan “Happy Pride.” It is almost like wishing somebody a happy birthday or the like. Many businesses and supermarkets, such as Sainsbury and Waitrose fly the rainbow flag. Even the Bank of England had a float in the parade.

During the parade the Royal Air Force Red Arrows did a fly past. In short, the Establishment has capitulated to this devilish onslaught and the Church is following suit.

We returned home rejoicing that we had been kept safe and had the privilege of upholding and proclaiming the Truth. Though we were only a little flock we were reminded that it is nothing to the Lord to save by many or by few and that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. We were also thankful for the Christians who were praying for us, some from early morning. We were conscious of the Lord overshadowing us.

For those who would like to see what we face at these events, key in Christian protest at London Pride. Be warned that it is not pleasant but should be an eye opener to what is happening to our young people. If you don’t want to face reality don’t look.

– by Pastor David Carson